Numbering for Tickets and Other Applications

The numbering application I had written for Excel to use with Indesign and other apps is no longer supported. I’d recommend using the Data Merge utility in Indesign to design your ticket applications or any other simple variable data project. I have created a simple Excel file with numbers from 1 to 10,000 and varying amounts of leading zeros to use with Data Merge. In Data Merge when you export to a PDF file you can set the range to specify the starting and ending ticket number for the merge.

If you are working in a commercial print shop you probably have a Fiery or Xerox FreeFlow controller connected to your digital press/printer. You can create a 1 up layout in Indesign for your ticketing or variable application and use the imposition features on your front end controller to impose the tickets for cutting and stacking. This will give you control over the sheet size and set ups for simplex or duplex tickets.

Numbering File

Download Numbering File


  • Ilona Smith
    #1 written by Ilona Smith 5 years ago


    I need something so I can run numbers 1 – 4 on the same sheet, then 5 – 8 on second sheet, etc. We do a lot of receipts, 4 to a page, with perfs, Is there some way on this system to do that?

  • PeterS
    #2 written by PeterS 5 years ago

    Hi Ilona,
    It will work well for that application. I’ll send you an email for more details.

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