I am a photographer, woodworker and at work I am “the colour guy”.

As a photographer, I am a past-president of the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia and currently the webmaster and tech guy.  Since joining the Guild I have become a very good print maker, a judge and usually present 2-3 seminars every year on various technical subjects related to photography. In 2007 we built a new house which included a photo studio in the basement. We often have studio sessions for portraits and product shots and you can see samples of my work in the galleries. Since 2008 I have been judging international competitions. I have been published in Photo Life, PhotoSho and other magazines.

Over the years I have completed various construction projects in the old house and some in the new house. Before we moved I never had a workshop or the equipment for advanced projects. When my Dad died I inherited his tools and we decided to build a new house where the garage became my workshop. Dad had an excellent and large workshop and was well known for building grandfather clocks. I sold some of the older stuff and added some new tools and now I have a good workshop. I don’t have his skills yet but I am learning fast and I expect I will be able to produce some great projects in the future.

I work for Xerox where I am known as the colour guy and y official title is production colour analyst/colour management consultant. I provide technical support to the sales reps in graphic arts, manage installations of digital presses and wide format printers while providing colour management and workflow automation consulting services to our graphic arts customers.

At home Carla and I have four kids and six grandchildren. Ian is the only one at home now and he is attending Dalhousie University.

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