This picture has become very popular on FaceBook and was featured on Canada AM today, February 6, 2015,

Peggys Cove-8214

There was a major winter storm overnight on February 2 and very high waves were predicted for the following morning. I had checked the weather and clearing skies were forecast for sunrise. Although these are ideal conditions for dramatic images, the sky was overcast and it was very windy when I left the house before dawn to go to Peggys Cove.
The sun was rising when I arrived at Peggys Cove and the waves were incredible. There was no traffic so I parked on the road to capture this image. It was extremely windy and difficult to stand still in the wind. I wear thin gloves so I can operate the camera in the winter but they offered little protection and my hand soon went numb. My time was limited to create an image. Fortunately the dawn light was beautiful and I was able to capture a massive wave breaking near the lighthouse.
It was definitely worth the early start that morning.