Conventional wisdom says you should convert your photos to sRGB for display on the web. This was certainly true in the past. Modern browsers support colour management and if you have tagged your images to embed the colour profile, they will display properly. In Photoshop select embed color profile when saving an image. Lightroom automatically embeds the colour profile when you export images.

Tagged Images – Colour Profile Is Embedded

Each of the following three images is tagged with the colour profile that was used to create the image. The colour is accurately rendered in a modern web browser that supports colour management. If the colour looks similar in the following three images then your browser supports colour management. If the top three images look like the bottom three images where the colour becomes more unsaturated in each image, then your browser does not support colour management.

X-rite ColorChecker tagged sRGB

X-rite ColorChecker tagged AdobeRGB 1998

X-rite ColorChecker tagged ProPhoto

Untagged Images – Colour Profile Is Not Embedded

The following images are the same files but the colour profile was not embedded. These images are untagged and the browser cannot identify the colour space that was used for the image so the colour is rendered incorrectly. The browser assumes the colour space is sRGB. Note that the last image is in the ProPhoto colour space but it looks very faded when the browser assumes it is sRGB. If the images above look similar to the images below then your browser does not support colour management.

The actual image is sRGB but it is untagged.

The actual image is Adobe RGB 1998 but it is untagged.

The actual image is ProPhoto but it is untagged. This image will be very faded compared to an sRGB image.